Jason Seiden

The real Jason Seiden.

I build things that make people and companies better communicators. My work improves communication both externally (think: branding, marketing, and business development) and also internally (think: transformation, team development).

The last few years, I have been focused on improving recruiting effectiveness at large organizations—a key area where communication makes a big difference. I pioneered a way to engage employees to share a company’s true employer brand with their networks, which improved clients’ reach and trustability, and ultimately improved the quality of their candidate pipeline. I also improved my grasp of marketing and branding during this time, as I learned to successfully deploy (incredibly) scarce resources against significant go-to-market challenges. Our technology was purchased by TheMuse.com in June, 2017.

If I’m not doing what I love, I’m hopefully spending time with my daughters, writing, or skiing the chutes at Winter Park.

My secret talent? Helping people find and fine tune their voices!

For a more detailed job history and recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn profile at in/seiden.