Today is August 2, 2017. It’s been 1,050 days since I’ve last updated this page.

I went dark these 2 years, 10 months, and 15 days primarily to focus on building Brand Amper, a company based on a web-based storytelling app by the same name. Brand Amper captured authentic, brand-relevant, employee-generated content. Companies shared that content with job candidates to make their recruiting messages more honest and—ultimately—more effective.

And then, last month, Brand Amper was acquired by The Muse.

It was a thing; even Tech Crunch covered it.

In the coming weeks, I’ll use my blog to share what I’ve learned during this time.

As for what those lessons are, here’s a hint: if you think they’re about going to market, branding, product design, voice of employee, and everything else I’ve actually been doing day-to-day, keep in mind that I didn’t have to shut my blog down if that’s what I wanted to write about!

The real lessons—the interesting ones, the ones I’ve been journaling about—are much deeper, harder, and more personal than how to build a cap table.

So while it’s not true that I haven’t learned a lot related to the functional aspects of what I’ve been up to, it is true that it’s been the personal journey—through matters of vision, trust, passion, sacrifice, relationships, pressure, tough choices, ego, change, and the like—that has captured my attention, and that I think will capture yours, too.

Why didn’t I share these lessons along the way? Simple: because “when you’re in the jar,” as Mike Bechtel would say, “you can’t read the label.”

I’m out of the jar… and it feels good. I’m excited for what’s to come.