My engagements have delivered value to industry leaders from a wide range of industries, including technology, foodservice, financial services & financial technology, retail, logistics, and professional services.



Short- and long-term financial benefits include accelerated user adoption, reduced churn, increased renewals, and more targeted product development cycles.

As the 1st LinkedIn-certified trainer in North America, I developed an approach to driving user adoption that outperformed LinkedIn's own methods by 250% - 900% on a per-client basis. Those techniques I pioneered are still used today by some of the world's largest brands—including LinkedIn.

My consulting work is focused mostly on vendors. I work primarily through the services and/or product teams.


Since 2000, I have worked with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to both lead and absorb the change brought on by new, more social technologies. 

The results include greater returns from technology investments as well as improved employee experiences. For technology buyers, the benefit to a successful digital transformation can be—in a word—transformational.

I recommend workshops & speaking engagements for my buy-side clients. Consulting candidates will have an executive (CIO, CMO) who has cross-functional support from Internal Communications, HR, and line management.