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Problem: As companies grow, customer-centric performance models tend to splinter based on departmental needs, making it difficult for executives to understand the true impact of their product investments, and for operating teams to collaborate.

Solution: In a highly interactive, 1 or 2 day workshop, bring teams executive and/or operating teams together to develop a shared framework defining, measuring, and improving adoption—with clear links across product, marketing, and services (such as account management, support, customer learning, or customer communications).

For companies whose customers aren’t getting the results they’d expect from their software, a workshop can generate fast, outsized results.

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"Terrific message & insightful encouragement on people & culture. Good take-aways from/for my team, too."
–CEO, Distribution Market Advantage

What would constitute a “high” level of product engagement? What’s the relationship between usage and financial results—and what’s the risk of not pushing for adoption? What are the factors that encourage or discourage use of a product? How is user adoption different from user, customer, or employee experience?

With a combination of data and anecdotes, I help audiences make sense of things, and give them the confidence they need to meet uncertainty with action.

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Not everything fits neatly into a box.

I work with people I love, at companies I love. I focus on communicating for impact, especially by blending in-person and technology-based communication channels, and especially with the goal of accelerating the adoption of an idea or product.