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"It was a packed room, I thought it was a workshop but the more I look at it maybe it was a team meeting."

What if you could have a "personal trainer" observe your team and recommend high impact tweaks to your "form" in real-time—based on how your unique team operates and the specific challenges it faces?

My bespoke & highly interactive 1 or 2 day sessions create this structured & highly effective opportunity.

Coupled with just the right amount of team building, sessions accelerate learning, provide immediate, relevant feedback, and can even uncover cultural or structural challenges that may be blocking your team's progress.

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"Terrific message & insightful encouragement on people & culture. Good take-aways from/for my team, too."
–CEO, Distribution Market Advantage

Modern technology is both powerful and dangerous. Voices are either amplified or drowned out, seemingly without regard to quality, usefulness, or relevance.

So what gives? And what does this mean for an organization racing to keep current?

With a combination of data, anecdotes, and a relaxed, approachable style, I help audiences make sense of the big changes happening around them and give them the confidence they need to meet uncertainty with action.

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Consulting + ALL the things

Not everything fits neatly into a box. Consulting, advisory work, podcasting, panel facilitations, and executive retreat facilitation are amongst these things.

I work with people I love, at companies I love. I stick to areas I know well. The goal is measurable impact that is self-sustaining.

This work has evolved over the years and is the source of my expertise. 

What began as digital communications moved into interpersonal communications &, when social media came about, into tech-amplified interpersonal communications. The work I do now builds on all of that.