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Change isn't hard because inertia, habits, and history holding your peers back.

It's hard because interrupting the pattern means navigating a host of issues such as AI. Machine learning. The gig economy. GDPR. Mobile. Multi-generational workplaces. Diversity & inclusion. Social media.

Since high school, I have been standing in front of large crowds, asking questions and provoking the kind of thinking that permanently shifts peoples' ideas about what's tolerable and what's possible.

You know the drill. I'm exactly like every other speaker you've had. Except where I'm different. Which is that I don't believe in getting people out of their comfort zones as much as I believe in expanding their comfort zones. I believe the most motivating thing you can do is to prepare people for when the going gets rough. And that sustainable change doesn't come from a frenzied mob as much as professionals who feel confident and calm in the face of amgibuity.

Here's my recent "Ignite"-style presentation to an HR audience in Chicago (DisruptHR Chicago, Fall 2017):

(Ignite presentations are exactly 5 minutes with exactly 20 slides. Slides advance automatically every 15 seconds... whether the speaker is ready for them or not.)